Cosmetic Dentistry is Booming

The trend for people to emulate their Hollywood idols when it comes to their smile shows no sign of abating, despite the ongoing recession. Dr Jameel Gardee of the Glasgow Smile Clinic explains – our dental business is booming year on year, and is forecast to increase by 40 per cent over the next couple of years, and we think that might be conservative. With dental clients becoming ever more savvy about the cosmetic treatments available to them, there are no shortage of patients queuing up to pay several thousand pounds for dental implants procedures or treatments like porcelain veneers, which can cost up to one thousand pounds per tooth.

The cult of celebrity, mingled with the vast amount of information freely available at the touch of a button has made today’s cosmetic dentistry business a heady place to be. Add to that the start of the New Year, with people looking to get healthy and improve their appearance, and you can understand why January and February are usually the two busiest months of the year for most cosmetic dentists. The vast majority of dental practices offer payment plans or finance to spread the cost of treatments, and some practices have actually gone the whole hog and become members only, where you join a dental practice the same way you would join a gym – a monthly payment each month and you never have to worry about being hit with a big bill when hunting down your perfect smile.

Whatever the underlying trends tell us, there is no doubt that people are putting much more store by the appearance of their teeth and smile, and for the average cosmetic dentist out there, the future looks rosy indeed.

The Rise of Cosmetic Dentistry

In the UK, there’s two kinds of dental patient – NHS patients, which is generally preventative dentistry that is subsidised by the government and is usually more affordable, and private patients. Some dentists will only work with private patients as they tend to be more valuable customers, but these dentists generally offer treatments that an NHS dentist won’t.

These procedures are commonly known as cosmetic dentistry, and are geared as much towards the physical appearance of the teeth as they are for dental functionality. There are several common treatments available which can really take your smile to the next level.

Dental veneers – a small porcelain cover is custom fitted to your tooth and is attached using a strong adhesive. The result is a better colour and shape of tooth, and can turn a normal smile in to something spectacular. Generally people will have several veneers fitted at once, as having individual veneers can look a little strange!

Dental implants – these work as a permanent solution to any missing teeth a person may have. A metal rod is surgically attached to the patient’s jawbone, and a dental bridge or denture is attached to the rod. Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to dentures, and although they can be expensive they can last an extremely long time.

Teeth whitening – this involves the dentist placing a bleaching agent on the teeth, which removes any stains on the teeth and helps to make them appear whiter. This is an extremely popular treatment, and as a result there are several services available which are not provided by trained dental professionals. These services, as well as home whitening kits, are best avoided unless specifically recommended by your dentist.

Having functional teeth is extremely important, but in an age where appearance is increasingly important to people cosmetic dentistry is providing a valuable service for many people. There will be several cosmetic dentists is your area, so shop around to see who can offer the kind of services you’re looking for.

Road Haulage Good Samaritan

Another completely off topic post, but nevertheless it improved my health ! I was returning from Inverness to Glasgow on Saturday night via the horrible A9 road. The weather was horrendous, freezing cold, windy and chucking it down with rain – ah- summer in Scotland I hear you sigh…. Anyway, I was somewhere a good few miles past Bruar when my car decided to go on strike .  I couldn’t believe it. I managed to limp the car into a parking area on the A9 where I found to my deep joy that my mobile phone had no signal. I was stuck, in freezing conditions, in the middle of the night with practically no chance of getting home.  I sat in the car with the hazard lights on and prepared for a long, cold night.

Around 20 minutes had passed when my car was flooded by the headlights of another vehicle. Behind me, a lorry had come to a stop in the parking area. The driver came out of his cabin and introduced himself. His name was Dave, and he worked for Monarch Transport, a road haulage company in Glasgow.  He had seen my warning lights and had stopped to see if everything was ok. What a toff ! He gave me a lift to an all night place just off the main drive, where I was able to contact the recovery services and sit and wait in the warmth to be rescued. So a big thank you to Dave of Monarch Transport. Little does he know, but with my own business, I have to transport a lot of goods throughout the UK, so the next time I’m looking for road haulage Glasgow and Monarch Transport will be the haulier for me.

New Private Investigators in Glasgow

Just a quick heads up, completely off the main health and dental focus that I will be focusing on in this blog, for a group of guys I know who have recently retired from the police after many years of unstinting service. ( You can probably tell they never caught me !) Anyway, I promised them a small plug for their new venture. They haven’t decided to sit and vegetate watching daytime telly into their dotage, these guys are all fit and active, retired at 50 and raring to go doing something that will bring their combined experience and expertise into use and allow them to continue in a similar career. And so the new private investigators Veritas Investigations is born. It is based in Glasgow but the guys can take on cases from acrosss the UK ,and I really do wish them the very best of luck because they’ve helped me out with a few things over the years and it’s nice to think maybe I can help them a bit now. Although I can’t name the guys involved, for obvious reasons, suffice to say all of them have worked for the majority of their police careers as detectives, often working undercover in covert, sting type operational environments. They are firearms trained, have worked on many organised crime cases, and are capable of producing really robust results. So if you’re looking for private investigators in glasgow then I would thoroughly recommend giving Veritas Investigations a call on 0141 354 1468

Welcome to GHF

Welcome to, a blog set up to chat about health in general and dental health in particular. Advances in technology, treatments, and public awareness have all contributed to a huge increase in life expectancy in the UK. While this is good news, it does mean that a whole raft of elderly people will bring a whole new range of age related health problems with them as they head into their latter years.
One of the main areas of neglect as people get older is dental health, and according to Dr David Cashel, a well respected Glasgow dentist, he is seeing more and more elderly patients requiring dental implant treatment at his dental practice  Unfortunately, many such clients do not have sufficent bone density to allow them to undergo dental implant treatment, and new techniques and treatments aimed specifically at the elderly dental client niche are being developed in labs worldwide. The days of clicking dentures may soon be a thing of the past, if you have a hefty budget ! Products like All on 4 and mini dental implants are transforming the way older people continue to enjoy good oral health, and with major investment in dental research and development going on wide world, the dental landscape looks sure to be transformed over the coming years.