The Dos and Don’ts of Waxing

Compared to other methods of hair removal, waxing offers a sleek and sexy alternative. Proponents of this service hail it due to the smooth skin, minimal removal sessions over a given period of time, and confidence.

This is particularly during summertime when people go to vacations and wear bikinis, or just preparing for a swimming session. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable with dull razors, stubbles and nicks, then waxing is the best alternative for you. Before getting this service, it is imperative that you undertake some preparations.

How to prepare your skin before being waxed

Exfoliation is crucial as it helps you prepare your skin and hair before you are waxed. This process removes the ingrown hairs underneath the skin surface and leaves it renewed, enabling you to experience a flawless service. Secondly, in case your hair is too long, trim it to ease discomfort when removing the wax strip. The preferred length is 0.25 of an inch for starters, although a hot wax can remove hair as short as 2 mm, mostly during emergencies.

Preventing ingrown hairs

The key in preventing ingrown hairs is to have a frequent and consistent schedule. An interval of four to six weeks is ideal to prevent it. Shorter hairs with the same growth cycle reduce discomfort when a wax service is administered and ensures that get a flawless wax experience.

There are, however, specific dos and don’ts to be observed before and after you get waxed.

The DO’s

  • Make sure that your intimate areas are clean and fresh. Take a warm shower which is crucial in opening your pores and easing the removal of hairs
  • Take aspirin 20 minutes before waxing. It dulls your pain receptors and thus lessens the pain
  • Make sure you relax. Getting waxed when tense instills more pain. Chew some gums or suck on a mint to shift your focus away from wax.
  • Scrub the waxed area after every three days so that the skin remains smooth.

The DON’T’s

  • Do not come busk under direct sunlight or take a hot shower. Avoid saunas and steam baths
  • Avoid tight clothes to give the waxed skin fresh air and prevent potential infections
  • Avoid scratching the waxed skin to prevent exposing the follicles to bacterial infections
  • Do not use products that may irritate the waxed skin such as Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA)
  • Avoid caffeinated products such as coffee, as well as alcohol since they increase the sensitivity of the skin.