Dental Implants – What Exactly Are They?

If you have a tooth or two missing and the prospect of a bridge or denture is filling you with nothing but dread and embarrassment, then have you explored the other options that are available to you? If you haven’t already heard about the amazing progress that cosmetic dentistry has undergone in the past decade then you are really missing out in what could be the solution to your dental problems.

Dental implants are becoming more popular by the year and even though they were once thought of as the rich mans solution to the hideously uncomfortable denture, more and more of the ordinary joe’s amongst us are going for this as it is not only becoming a more affordable but in terms of practicality it means not having to do anything differently with your dental hygiene routine than you normally would as it is just like having your own tooth again.

You will see that there are more and more dental practices offering dental implants as a more up to date alternative to dentures and even favour them to giving patients crowns these days.

NHS patients will find that this type of procedure is not available to them unless there is a valid medical reason for the work to be carried out and at at the present moment, there are very few patients that would fit the criteria for this. It is generally considered to be cosmetic but many NHS dentists offer their services privately as well.

So if this is really something that you would consider as an alternative to a bridge, crown or denture, then why not make an enquiry at your dentist to find out if they offer this procedure and see whether the price is something that you could live with. Granted, many cosmetic dentists offer finance to people with decent credit ratings for this type of procedure, you just have to decide if this is the right course of action for you.

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