The Rise of Cosmetic Dentistry

In the UK, there’s two kinds of dental patient – NHS patients, which is generally preventative dentistry that is subsidised by the government and is usually more affordable, and private patients. Some dentists will only work with private patients as they tend to be more valuable customers, but these dentists generally offer treatments that an NHS dentist won’t.

These procedures are commonly known as cosmetic dentistry, and are geared as much towards the physical appearance of the teeth as they are for dental functionality. There are several common treatments available which can really take your smile to the next level.

Dental veneers – a small porcelain cover is custom fitted to your tooth and is attached using a strong adhesive. The result is a better colour and shape of tooth, and can turn a normal smile in to something spectacular. Generally people will have several veneers fitted at once, as having individual veneers can look a little strange!

Dental implants – these work as a permanent solution to any missing teeth a person may have. A metal rod is surgically attached to the patient’s jawbone, and a dental bridge or denture is attached to the rod. Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to dentures, and although they can be expensive they can last an extremely long time.

Teeth whitening – this involves the dentist placing a bleaching agent on the teeth, which removes any stains on the teeth and helps to make them appear whiter. This is an extremely popular treatment, and as a result there are several services available which are not provided by trained dental professionals. These services, as well as home whitening kits, are best avoided unless specifically recommended by your dentist.

Having functional teeth is extremely important, but in an age where appearance is increasingly important to people cosmetic dentistry is providing a valuable service for many people. There will be several cosmetic dentists is your area, so shop around to see who can offer the kind of services you’re looking for.