A Look at Azzalure

Azzalure is growing in popularity across the UK, with increasing numbers of people opting to use the treatment instead of the more widely-known brand Botox. It has traditionally been used to treat medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, facial tremors and tics, and strokes, but it is now available for cosmetic use.

The drug itself contains botulinum toxin and in large doses can cause botulism which is very rare and can be linked to food poisoning. It causes muscle paralysis until the nerve develops new endings to communicate with the muscles. However in smaller doses and injected into the face, blocks the chemicals that makes our muscles contract. In turn, this stops the face from frowning and our wrinkles are effectively smoothed out.

The vertical lines between the eyebrows, which make us look old/worried have gone. The Azzalure solution is injected direct into the face, which becomes more relaxed and of a natural pleasant appearance. Pricewise, Azzalure costs much less than its rival Botox, which is largely responsible for the growth in popularity.

These sort of procedures are only a short-term solution for reducing frown lines, but the difference it can make to someone’s appearance is fairly drastic. Many people look years younger following the procedure, however the success can depend on visiting a skilled treatment provider.

The improvement is usually seen after 2 – 3 days and can last up to 4 months. It is possible to have the injection every 3 – 4 months, but care should be taken not to over do it, as the skin would become too used to the procedure and the full effect not so good.

Care should be taken with all medicines and treatments, which can affect people in different ways, any side effects would be mild to moderate, clearing up in about a week. Any major concerns should be reported to a doctor. It is not uncommon, as with any injection there can be a little stinging, slight pain, redness and irritation around the injection site, which should disappear fairly quickly. Always inform the doctor of any current medications just in case it should interact.

Above all, ensure that whichever product you have decided upon, especially where injections are concerned, that the practitioner is experienced, steering clear of beauty salons and health clubs where procedures are not always carried out by experienced individuals.